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Keelah se'lai, friends. I have neither a name nor a face, and I don't like lollipops. Featuring: fandoms -- Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Syfy shows, random games, Tobuscus, Artemis Fowl, other random books... yeah, this is what tags are for, I guess. I'm an author.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Seeing that Halloween is around the corner, this is a reminder that if you post any untagged screamers I will unfollow you, mutuals or not.

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i pretend to be punk rock but im really just a vaguely emo indie pop kid who loves fall out boy a lot

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there’s so many parents who don’t recognize that they are abusing their kids 

it is critical that children become aware of abuse from adults and that they recognize what abuse can look like, and that’s why I very strongly believe that schools need to start talking about parental abuse

otherwise, you get people like me who didn’t realize it was abuse until they’re 16-17 and already have PTSD

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My dream for the 2016 presidential election is not having to choose which human rights I’m feeling like compromising on.

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"Meet me at the bar. I’m buying."

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my feminist goal is not to convince men that girls are of value, my feminist goal is to achieve a future where the judgement of our value isn’t in the hands of men. 

and this goes for, especially goes for, trans girls, girls of colour, disabled girls and LGBTQA+ girls. 

girls, all girls, and if you believe otherwise don’t reblog this.

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Remember there was almost another twilight book but someone leaked it so Stephanie Meyer refused to finish and I’m 98% sure it was Robert Pattinson and god bless him

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Cute fun nicknames for your significant other

  • pop
  • six
  • squish
  • uh uh!
  • cicero
  • lipschitz

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"im not racist i hate everyone equally" yeah, hey buddy how’s the sixth grade goin

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